LAFF MOBB is the one stop shop for the next generation of comedy.  Founded by the original architect of HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, Bob Sumner, and music & comedy management titan, Arthur Spivak, LAFF MOBB’s mission is to develop diverse talent, new content, and original voices.  As a vertically integrated talent management and production company, LAFF MOBB produces the comedy series “LAFF MOBB Presents”, originally released on SHOWTIME Networks with episodes premiering through the Spring of 2012, and continuing to the pay-per-view market in 2014.  The LAFF MOBB national tour, and worldwide military service tour has followed, along with a series of DVD releases by EMI Entertainment.  LAFF MOBB is currently airing the original series “Laff Mobb’s We Got Next” on Comcast’s ASPiRE network. LAFF MOBB’s television & media unit focuses on scripted / non-scripted television shows, as well as aggregated and branded viral content.